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SISU Schools

We look for the holistic development of your child at our preschool. It includes the physical, emotional, social, cognitive spheres of development. Learning to learn is the focus of SISU schools, which is a life skill. As we know, the world is changing rapidly, and our kids need to have the necessary adaptability. At SISU schools, we provide them with rich life experiences blending indoor and outdoor learning environments.


Grit or perseverance is the most valuable virtue when it comes to surviving in any kind of circumstance. It doesn't mean only outside hindrances like extreme weather conditions, or other types of living conditions but also fighting with your emotional problems. We want kids in our school to be strong with this fighting spirit to solve their problems and create a positive impact in their community. It happens through our activities.

Happy Children

Learning is a constant activity

The child has an inner urge for learning. They can learn many things on their own, provided the environment is safe, enriching, and encouraging. They are learning while they are playing, eating, tying their shoelaces, or going out for a field trip. There is no 'learning time' and 'non-learning time.' Every day they are learning through many activities with our expert teachers.

Creativity as a core value

Creativity is as essential as literacy, says Sir Ken Robinson. The conventional jobs and ways of employment are fading away rapidly. If our kids want to lead a successful life by all means like a financial, emotional, social sphere, then they need to learn creative thinking. We believe that creativity is a life skill, and we encourage the same in our preschools.

Creative Class
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