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Based on Finnish Early Childhood Education system - it can act as a complete preschool learning for your child or supplement their current schooling routine. The technology has provided an excellent opportunity for you to experience the Finnish Preschool at one click. Considering the pandemic situation the first priority should be given to the health safety of our children. However, that shouldn’t take away the learning and overall development from them! The technology has provided an excellent opportunity for parents and children to experience the Finnish preschool at their doorstep!

Weekend Regular Live Sessions*

49,00 €Price
  • 3 Months of weekend eSISU sessions - Supplement your Child's learning


    ·         Finnish Curriculum

    ·         Live interactive classroom sessions - Friday Or Saturday  

    ·         Experiential Learning with Asynchronous Activities – All Weekend

    ·         Pedagogical Development Meetings-Monthly

    ·         Assessment and Feedback from the teacher-Weekly

    ·         Parents as Partners

    ·         Available in Global Time zones

    ·         Teachers with International Expertise

    ·         Regular Parent Engagement Programs

    *Applicable only on 3 Months Subscription


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