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eSISU Club

Learning from across the world to your doorstep

100% online learning based on Finnish Early Childhood Education Curriculum

Baby Playing with Building Blocks


eSISU Club is an online platform for Creative Ideators and kids who wish to innovate, have their own ideas, and are interested in developing those further through self-learning. CCE and Sisu Schools always focused on creativity and imagination among children. We also strongly support physical activities and hands-on experiences for all ages of children.

Nowadays due to the COVID-19 situation still parents are confused and stressed. They do not have any solution to keep their kids engaged creatively. So, CCE Finland in collaboration with SISU Schools introducing eSISU weekend Club for creative kids. They will enjoy hands-on creative activities and plays for 90 minutes.


  • 100% Finnish Pedagogy

  • Experiential Learning

  • Qualified Teachers

  • Worksheets

  • Creative Activities

  • Integrated Learning

  • Virtual Classroom

  • Parent Engagement Program

  • 21st Century Skills Development

  • Friday-Saturday Evening Batch

Canva - Selective Focus Photography of Three Disney Princesses Figurines on Brown Surface.

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