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SISU Schools, Pune

Diverse Learning Environments



SISU Schools are the Finnish Curriculum-based K-12 schools designed by CCE Finland. The concept is designed by early childhood education experts, architecture professionals, and leadership experts from Finland. Our schools are based on 4 principals: SISU

  • Seeking Knowledge/Searching for the solution

  • Igniting Imagination

  • Share and Sustain

  • Unlocking the Potential

Our Goal and philosophy

CCE Finland promises Creativity every step of the way via their SISU Schools. The promise remains to provide an open, student-friendly, creative, and quality school environment. This philosophy leads to the development of a holistic personality in turn building pathways to a successful life. Diversified and Stimulating school environments lead to building confidence, providing children with a strong foundation for a healthy, happy, and meaningful life. The curriculum is designed to develop children's intellectual, personal, emotional, and social skills.


Why we?

  • Most reputed and best education systems in the world

  • Consistent high ranking in PISA

  • India NEP 2020 has been inspired by Finnish Education

  • The learning strategies used in Finland are typically useful for developing critical thinking and problem solving, which are the cornerstones of NEP

  • USA, JAPAN, SINGAPORE are implementing Finnish Education Strategies


  • The creativity of Finnish Education blended with rich Indian Education 

  • Bi-lingual Pedagogy

  • Nutritious (age-appropriate) meals provided with all safety/hygiene standards

  • Gross Motor Skills focused activity plan

  • Play to Learn philosophy

  • Socio-Emotional Developmental activities

  • SISU C-Club (Creativity sessions and Play)

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Age Group - 1 Years to 12 Years

Age Group - 2.5 Years & 3 Years complete

Age Group - 4 Years & 5 Years complete

Age Group - 2 Years to 6 Years

C - Club

We at CCE Finland believe that educators bear a major responsibility as advocates for children's creative thought and expression. Unlearning common assumptions and encouraging the creative thinking of a child is at the forefront of our vision and goals.

The same thought process is at the heart of our SISU Schools and hence the inception of C-Club which in a literal sense means ‘Creativity Club'. Creativity prepares children for future school and life success. A creative curriculum helps our teachers' to know what to teach, why to teach, and how children learn best. C-Club equips our teachers to respond to the individual needs and learning styles of all of the children in our classrooms. It relates directly to the subject areas that are used in elementary schools, so children's learning here in our creative club forms the basis of all of the learning that will follow.

C-Club now has morning/afternoon and evening batches. Please note, keeping the safety norm in mind there will be limited seats in each batch. 

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