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Meet the eSISU Global Preschool Teachers

Teachers with international expertise

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Tim Davis

  • Tim Davis has been a qualified preschool teacher in Finland since June 6th, 2011.

  • He has had six years of experience teaching preschool in Finland with tremendous success.

  • He is a qualified preschool teacher, English teacher, class teacher, and social studies teacher in Finland.

  • Tim also has qualifications as an elementary and secondary teacher in Washington and Idaho.

  • His specialized areas are English, reading, and social studies. Tim has also had 13 years of experience teaching elementary school in the state of Idaho, USA. 

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Effie Bachtsevana

  • Effie Bachtsevana is a Music teacher, Author, and AcademicInternational Instructor. 

  • For the past 19 years she has worked at the music school of the Municipalconservatoire of Neapolis – Sykies in Greece and as well as Head of Music – Kinetic Approach in a Private Institute of Vocational Training.

  • She has created and applied a pioneering teaching method called :Let’s Play boomwhackers “Learn English through Music and Play”

  • Since 2012 she has been the Instructor of Seminars addressing educators of all stages, of Preschool and School education, Kindergarten and Nursery school teachers, teachers of Physical Education and English teachers focusing on using her method in education.


Aysegul Aksoy

  • PhD. Candidate Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey

  • Physical Education and Sports Department Ayşegül “Rosa” AKSOY is graduated from the department of “Physical Education & Sports (PES) Teaching” with a following “PES Teaching” and “Movement & Training Sciences” master degrees; with a continuing PhD. in the field of “Adaptive Physical Activity”. 

  • After her studies in Turkey, Portugal, France, and international projects she involved, now, she is more focused on “Technology Integration into Inclusive PES settings”.

  • Ms. Aysegul is the First Prize winner of the Creative 100 contest organized by the Council for Creative Education in 2018 for her project,’ Thinking out of the box; Technology integration into preservice Physical Education teachers’ education on Inclusive Physıcal Educatıon’.

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Simran Ballani

  • Pedagogical Director/ECE Facilitator

  • Education Evangelist, Visionary, Coach & Client Specialist with 23 years of experience in USA and India

  • Gold Medallist in Early Childhood Education. Currently pursuing PG Diploma in Education Leadership

  • Training Specialist with NABET – Quality Council of India

  • Research Paper Publication – CCE Finland and World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, UK

  • Fundamentals of Human Resources, NCHRA CA, USA

  • Project Management – Primavera USA

  • SY Law & Bachelor of Commerce, Mumbai University

  • Speaker & Awardee

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