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SISU Schools (TM)

whatever it takes! 

Trademark Reg : 2548267

Dated : 28 Feb 2020



SISU school is an international, research-based organization authorized by the Council for Creative Education. The concept is designed by early childhood education experts, architecture professionals, and leadership experts from Finland. We want to globalize the sisu way of life through early childhood education centers with a simple licensing process and easy to implement guidelines. This is possible through our unique combination of well-adapted curriculum, high-class teacher training, carefully chosen teaching aids, pedagogically designed activities, and easy-to-use ICT tools for everyday school life.

With our collaborators and partners, we are continuously developing new methods and tools for teaching and learning on the basis of contemporary research in the field of Early Childhood education. Our parent organization, Council for Creative education has excellent experience in the field of Early childhood education which is the base for SISU schools.


Finland is known for its best education system. The Finnish education system is well-rooted in Finnish society and culture. The attribute of Finnish society and culture which is famous in the world is Sisu. 

Sisu is a 500-year old Finnish construct, relating to mental toughness and the ability to endure significant stress while taking action against seemingly impossible odds. In its native country, sisu is a way of life, a philosophy, which has impacted the lives of generations of people. In the upcoming times of uncertainty, it becomes crucial to give the principle of sisu to the world.

As we know, early childhood education is a vital age to develop social and emotional intelligence, this is the correct age where we can start introducing the sisu way of life to the children.

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