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eSISU preschool is a 100% online  preschool based on Finnish Early 

Childhood Education Curriculum

Baby Playing with Building Blocks


Considering the pandemic situation the first priority should be given to the health safety of our children but that doesn’t mean that they should be away from learning. The technology has provided an excellent opportunity for you to experience the Finnish preschool at one click. eSisu preschool is coming with the first virtual preschool based on the Finnish Early Childhood Education curriculum. The kids can learn in a friendly way using a lot of creative methods in a safe home environment.


  • Finnish curriculum

  • Parents as partners

  • Experiential learning

  • International teachers

  • Support group for parents

  • Blended learning with parents

  • Weekly learning progress report

  • Authorized by Education Finland

  • Teachers with international expertise

  • Less screen time and more learning time

Boy Playing with Abacus
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Early Childhood Education Model

The Finnish Early Childhood education model is based on an integrated approach to care, education and teaching. As it integrates the Education and Care, it is called the “Educare” model. Learning through play is the basic principle that is used in Finnish ECEC. We are using the same approach in our schools blending it with the local contexts.


Kindiedays provides the pedagogical foundation for quality Early Childhood Education and Care.

Kindiedays is developed by Finnish childcare professionals and helps educators, families, and children collaborate in all daily activities related to the learning and well being of the child.

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