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This box is meant for teachers use and how they will use it for improving their teaching practises in the classroom


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  • Finnish Curriculum

    ECEC - eBooks - 1

    Preschool - eBooks - 1

    Phenomenal Learning From Finland - eBooks - 1

    Learning Framework

    Curriculum Development Charts - eMaterial

    Weekly Planners - eMaterial

    Teacher Training

    Diploma in ECE (ECE101) - Online

    Program in Pedagogical Leadership - Online

    Finland Education Experience - Virtual

    EdTech Solutions Training - Online

    Cross-Cultural Training - Online

    Teaching Aids

    Games and Toys * As per curriculum Themes - Consultation Meetings for using local material

    Activity Sheets - eMaterial

    ICT Solutions

    Parents Communication - Family App - Kindiedays 

    Pedagogical Documentation - Educator App - Kindiedays 

    Teachers Development - Google Classroom LMS access 


    Teachers Certification (Annual)

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