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Joining SISU School Network

The Finnish approach to Early Childhood Education is about cultivating SISUness and we are looking for fellow SISUians who are passionate, resilient, caring but professional.

Option 1

Annual Subscription

Annual Subscription

To participate in the annual subscription model, the preschool can apply for it by filling up our subscription form. It includes the Finnish Curriculum, Activity Materials, Teacher

Training Programs, Professional Development program for Principal, EduTech Solutions, Certification, and Reports for 1 year. We shall also provide you the consultancy for 1 year as per your requirement to promote your school.

Option 2

Joining the SISU school network

Option 2

Joining the SISU school network

Join the SISU school network

It includes all the things given in option 1 with additional consultancy about school development. The consultancy for school development includes the architectural inputs and interior design inputs for your upcoming pre-schools or existing preschools. You will be able to use the brand name ‘SISU’ school for your preschool anywhere in the world. You will be a part of our global family. We shall provide continuous consultancy support to the school management and administration. There will be continuous training updates for the teachers.

SISU C club

C stands for Creativity, Curiosity, and Consistency.

C-club is a platform for Creative Ideators and kids who wish to innovate, have their own ideas, and are interested in developing those further through self-learning. CCE's innovation coaches and experts will be guiding them. The club is for different age groups, starting from age 5 onwards. It can be implemented as an after school club activity.

Goals of SISU C-Club

CCE's main goal is to give a learning environment for future innovators

  • To engage the students in good interaction

  • This will help students throughout the life

  • CCE's main objective is to provide a good and positive atmosphere.

  • Give ample opportunity to the young innovators.

What SISU Club provides

In this Creative Ideator Club  

  • SISU Club will provide a platform in the form of coaches, guidance and material support for the innovative idea  

  • SISU Club  will provide training, brainstorming, and discussions under the experts 

  • SISU Club  will encourage team building and will give proper time to develop an idea to end product

SISU Club Activities


  • Training sessions and workshops

  • Experts advise and coaching

  • Creative projects

  • Designing innovative mobile apps

  • Creative Maths, Science

  • Innovative thinking workshops

  • Communications Skills & self-learning

  • Personality Development programs

  • Leadership and Teamwork development

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