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Are you wondering about parenting your 5-year-old? Spending quality time with your 5-yr old in meaningful activities? How to nurture the fabulous five's natural abilities? How to help her/him reach the developmental milestones? 


CCE is here to help you as your parenting partner. We have specially designed a 'SISU box for Fabulous Five' for 5yr old kids considering their developmental milestones. It includes toys, activities, games, worksheets, parenting diaries, newsletters, and counseling sessions/webinars. It is a one-time payment for the box but the support will be for 1 year through the newsletters and webinars.

SISU Box For Fabulous Five

450,00 € Regular Price
300,00 €Sale Price
  • SISU box is a Design from Finland accredited box especially designed for the early childhood education section. SISU box for Fabulous Five presents a package for parents. The learning materials are suited for the 5yr old kids. The box is an idea inspired by the Finnish social innovation known as the Maternity box (Äitiyspakkaus). It's a kit for the parents to nurture their kid's natural abilities. The material in the SISU box for Fabulous Five is designed considering the developmental milestones of the children. 

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